Birmingham, B29

Monday, 13 August 2007

Welcome to Birmingham, B29

posted by James Thornett
Hello, welcome and bonjour!

This is the new website/blog/portal for the postcode district of B29, Birmingham, England, UK.

It was primarily born from a desire to catalogue, photographically, the diverse nature of a postcode that I have now lived within for a cumulative total of 8 years.

At the time of writing (13th August 2007) there is nothing to show but a web address (this one -, a flickr group, and this single blog post.

However, the hope is that this thing will now begin to grow into something much more. At the very least I hope we can show, through the community of photographers using Flickr, what an amazingly interesting, varied and exciting area B29 is... and maybe we can do a whole lot more interesting stuff as well.

And maybe, just maybe, there'll be a few more postcode districts across the UK (there are 2,900 of them apparently) that'll decide to follow suit, and then things really could get interesting!

take care for now - hopefully plenty more to come soon.



  • At 1:07 pm, August 14, 2007 , Blogger Aeioux said...

    Hi - I've noticed a few similar projects going on recently. Here's one from B13...

  • At 12:15 pm, August 15, 2007 , Blogger GaZ said...


    I've just moved to B23 and was thinking of starting something similiarly hyper-local. I'll let you know if I do anything about it! :)

  • At 6:11 pm, September 13, 2007 , Blogger Christopher said...

    How very meta of you! :D Funky concept for a site, microblogging... Maybe I should've started off small like you and gradually upscaled, but oh well - too late now!

    Welcome to the Brum Bloggers Club :)


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