Birmingham, B29

Saturday, 15 March 2008

I'm moving

posted by James Thornett
This week, assuming all goes to plan, I will be moving out of Birmingham B29.

It's not really a deliberate or planned move.

Initially I thought I was going to be moving within the B29 area... but then I also thought I would be moving with my girlfriend, rather than us going our separate ways.

How wrong you can be.

So, the upshot is that I will be moving to B13, within a short walk from the centre of Moseley.

It will certainly make attending the fantastic Moseley Folk Festival even easier than usual!

However, the problem is what to do with this site.

I could continue representing B29 on the web, after all I have spent enough years living in the year to understand what is going on and present a useful view.

On the other hand, shouldn't Birmingham B29 be represented by someone who actually lives and breathes the air every day, who walks the streets and receives the enticing Selly Oak and Northfield council leaflets through the door?

What do you think?

Anyone interested in taking on B29? Anyone think that it doesn't really matter? I really would be interested in any thoughts you have.