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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Local issues for the next election

posted by pindec
Are you interested in making the next general election a more transparent process? Then you might be interested in the Democracy Club, a network of volunteers to help mySociety and TheStraightChoice ahead of our next big vote.

They want to know what the local issues for the next election are for a variety of areas to help inform their website - so we'd love to hear from you what you think are important decisive topics for the local area.

Here's a possible list to get started:
  1. Flooding - is enough being done to protect local residents? Can the various agencies responsible for flooding work together well enough?
  2. Green transport - is enough being done to keep public transport low to encourage cars off the roads? (The endlessly increasing bus fares are a personal bugbear of mine. Especially when you have to get on a 47, pay £3.30 for a return and there's someone smoking dope on the top deck at 9AM.)
  3. Congestion - why is driving into or through the city centre such a convoluted unmitigated nightmare?
  4. Council finances - how can central government help to make BCC more transparent? How can we counter local borkups like BCC spending £2.8 million on a new, broken website and having the head of the scrutiny committee say that local people aren't interested in how the council is run?
And a few yes/no ones:
  1. Should South Birmingham PCT be allowed to continue with presumed opt-in to Lorenzo patients record system?
  2. Should the redevelopment of the Central Library go ahead? (though I realise it's not in B29).
  3. Should we get the Stirchley swimming pool redeveloped?

Perhaps a better question is "Are there any local issues which divide the candidates standing at the next election" - let us know in the comments below, or by using the hashtags #localissues and #b29 on twitter, and we can feed them back to Democracy Club :).

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