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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

urban street crime in middle-class B29 shock

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There's a burnt-out car in Selly Wick Road!

From b29

Apparently the fire service were busy putting it out on Sunday evening around 6:30 PM.

Must remember to add it to Fix My Street, but in the meantime we're enjoying the NIMBYness of some of the B29 FMS entries: this person from the ever-lovely Weoley Castle posting in the "Flytipping" category clearly thinks that the race of the "youths" is relevant, though she hasn't quite grasped the precise definition of teenager ...

*UPDATE* - the car was reported to Fix My Street, and has now gone. Although we also got an email from BBC asking for the following info before they took it away:

Telephone Number
Make & Model of Vehicle
Registration Number
Colour of Vehicle
Is the vehicle taxed?
Exact location of vehicle

That seems like a lot of personal info you're required to give them before they act ... information gathering overkill?

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