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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

got any spare pics of Selly Oak?

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Selly Oak Railway Bridge - dating from 1931
Originally uploaded by ell brown
We've been emailed by Saima Ali from BCC (who also has a yahoo account), who says:

"I work for Birmingham City Council, and in particular neighbourhood management. We work together with local residents to try and improve local services and areas. This includes removing graffitti, arranging litter picks, improving community gardens and helping respond to issues of anti-social behaviour. This is a long shot, but I'm putting together a celebration of our work, as its all done on a minimal budget, We are desperate for some photos of Selly Oak, and I was wondering whether you had any that you could donate.

The work we are doing is not for profit, and really relies on community spirit and a willingness to be involved."

So if you're interested in donating some pics, please get in touch with Saima.

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