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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

religious doorsteppers in B29

posted by pindec
We've had quite a few people round recently attempting to enlighten us into the ways of their various religions. This is quite annoying when (a) you're a committed atheist and (b) you're in the middle of making a veggie burger.

Most people are terribly polite, indeed today's Smiley Christians and the other week's Jehovah's Witnesses both said it was "nice to meet me" despite them (presumably) fervently believing I'm going to burn in hell for my (lack of) beliefs.

However, what I object to are people like the two from St Stephen's a couple of weeks ago, who attempted (pointlessly) to engage me in a debate that descended into farce - they seemed to be getting a bit annoyed at me not agreeing with them, which is not quite what I expected from the cuddly CofE. I entirely respect their right to believe what they like, and to go round B29 and try and convert people (though I suspect there's probably a few thousand people out there in Birmingham who'd rather a more direct intervention to help their lives than a doorstep chat), but I object to them trying to imply that my beliefs are worth less than theirs. Here's a hint - if I tell you I'm an atheist, you're unlikely to be able to catch me out by asking "Do you pray?". *And* my veggieburger was burning.

I wonder what the conversion rate of doorstop chats really is - I expect it's less than with other direct marketing methods. I'll ask the next ones around ...

Does anyone make a sign that says "no free newspapers and no organised religions please"? Are there any disorganised religions that that would miss out?

Could we start a B29 watch where we let each other know who's coming round knocking on doors, maybe via twitter (e.g. #b29watch)?



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