Birmingham, B29

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Selly Oak New Road update

posted by pindec
More info emerging via evidence of sitting in traffic jams and the site.

Phase 1A continues with the road reduced to one lane. Sadly, there's no info on the site of how long this phase will take, or what's in Phase 1B, or if there's a Phase 1C ...

I'll go take some pics of the cones and excavations shortly.

p.s. hi - I'm pindec, your new B29 reporter since the lovely James went and uppped sticks over to B13. I've lived in B29 since 2001, and I have a personal grudge about the ever increasing bus fares. Once I manage to secure the official data on bus fares - which is proving to be ridiculously tricky - I'll post a rant about it :).


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